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(updated 26 Nov 2015)

Educated Intelligent People

Don't Doubt Darwin


Educated, intelligent people don't doubt Darwin and his theory of Evolution, right? I mean, all of the scientists have proven him right and there is no evidence against it1 – so why would an intelligent person question Darwinian Evolution today? Well, there is that one guy who is making quite a stir in some circles that questions Darwin. Yeah, he has given a number of public talks to people about that very topic2. He even doubts that stars and our universe came about the way scientists tells us3. It is a good thing that he dose not teach in our schools because “to be competitive in college entrance, [students] needed to be fully conversant in modern biologic precepts.4” Why, I think it would be a travesty to even hire him as a school bus driver5 because we need our “education to be pristine6.” I shudder to think if such a science denier would get into medicine7. Can you imagine the horror you would have if your newly born infant had a tragic birth defect that required brain surgery to save their life or their health, and then this clown walked in8? I want my kids to understand true science so if they run for president, they are not a laughing stock and would have a real chance at becoming the President of the United States, not be like this clown I saw on television last night running for president named Ben Carson. He hasn't got a chance9 – that Neanderthal10 science denier!

Well then, there is that one guy in Utah County who is making such a stink about the science standards that USOE is trying to pass, but maybe he can be excused because of the intelligent part. Yeah, I saw where two university professors wrote that he didn't even understand what every high school chemistry and physics student should know.11

Oh, but then there are a few advanced degreed scientists from the Disney Institute, I mean the Discovery Institute that appeared in that movie12, that questions Darwin. A few additional advanced degreed scientists are listed over at Answers in Genesis 13 and another 200 or so advanced degreed scientists, yes, even more religious nut cases just trying to push their religion which are listed at 14 a number of whom wrote that comic book Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels 15. What a laugh. Like any real scientist really believes that there is any weakness or evidence to doubt evolution16

Thank your lucky stars that you are not in Korea because over there there are 500 PhD scientists who are part of an organization called Koreans for Creation17

Then there are the 600 or so advanced degreed scientists who are members of the Creation Research Society18. You certainly would not want to trust anything that they write.

Wow, then there is the list of over 1000 Ph.D.s or M.D.s that signed a list stating that “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”19

Then there is that guy Jerry Bergman. Sheesh. Some call him an educated intelligent person. How can he be since he questions evolution. He only holds only 9 degrees with just 7 being post graduate degrees20. But he burns up a lot of pencils, or maybe it is keyboards now days. He has over 800 publications and 20 books and monographs. He just can't be a real scientist; he claims that he has a list of nearly 3,00021 “Select List of Science Academics, Scientists, and Scholars Who are Skeptical of Darwinism.” Jerry Bergman claims his list would be something like 10,000 names except that there are many scientists and professors who, for fear of loss of job or other persecution, don't want to come out of the closet on this issue22. This persecution he claims to have documented23 in a book – balderdash what persecution! Nut cases! We need to use the RICO statutes to stop this insanity24!

Good thing that we can trust our public high school teachers. They know what is right, except for those 30,00025 U.S. public high school biology teachers do not endorse Darwinism as indicated by polls.

I am certain that college professors all know the “the central truth of The Origin26.” Well, all except those 100,000 college professors27 in the U.S. alone who, according to Harvard researchers, agree that "intelligent design IS a serious scientific alternative to the Darwinian theory of evolution."

Be careful who you choose as your health care professionals, as 60% of those working in the Applied Science of Medicine are doubting secular Darwinism.28 Well, that only equates to 570,000 medical Doctors in the US .

It is a good thing that the voters in the US are not putting stock in those so called “scientist” who claim that there is evidence against Darwinism. Surely the voters in the U.S. don't want evidence against Darwin's theory of evolution to be taught in our public schools. Not on your life – well except for some 77% of likely voters as identified by a Zogby poll29.

I just hope our State School Board30 and Local School Boards don't get wind of this nonsense31.

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Fuller Bio

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Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio compiled some of the initial research indicating numbers of scientist who doubt Darwin.